Friday, December 21, 2018

On the Tenth Day of Kitschmas My True Love Gave To Me...

...Sweet Potato Balls!


  1. since you asked, here's xmas in a fast review: must dos - make sour cream sugar cookies while Auntie Mame is playing (1950s ver) on a kitchen tv, take 3 days to make 5 flavors of perogies for xmas eve dinner, let the xmas tree stay lit for the whole month of Dec (decorate w/ LEDs if you dont want to sell your soul to the electric co, better yet, invest in batteries and use individual "candles" on the tree - breathtaking look), for Xmas eve dinner do as traditional a Polish xmas I can master (I always include something Dickensian: plum pudding, goose, sugar plums etc), open a bottle of brother's homemade wine for a toast and go around the table and "break bread" with everyone wishing them something special to them for the new year, - (liquid sugar! but still, its family tradition) after dinner, everyone gets to open their stockings on Dec 24 which should include any homemade candies or cookies and little gifts, go to midnite mass and come back to a ham and nibbles and watch The Bells of St Marys, (Ive been watching White Christmas and The Christmas story all month). Spend overnight in the living room under the tree while falling asleep to "Its a Wonderful Life". wake up and make a full sit down breakfast with special treats and open gifts in the afternoon before a turkey or ham dinner.

    1. Nice! Auntie Mame is a Christmas staple here as well!