Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Pieathalon 9: Praline Pumpkin Pie!


It's my SECOND favorite holiday, Pieathalon! Facilitated by the winsome Yinzarella of Dinner is Served 1972 fame,  my pie this year was offered by the equally amazing SS at A Book of Cookrye. It comes from 1976's The Nashville Cookbook (Specialties of the Cumberland Region):

Courtesy of Ms. Janice Cabler, the recipe is easy as....well, pie!

To see how it all goes together, and more importantly, how it tastes, see the video below!

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  1. You know, in one of the charming and sanitized American history picture books we read in elementary school, they spent an entire paragraph on how the Pilgrims often ate pie for breakfast. So you have historical precedent on your side!
    I'm glad you liked this one, even if the praline layer was like cement!

  2. Brilliant as usual and I now REALLY want a pumpkin pie. As these do not exist here in the UK, I will have to make one myself. I will probably forgo the cement layer. I LOVE the great big gorgeous logo and am still laughing about your "Kate Mulgrew, Actress" video. Jenny from Silver Screen Suppers (feck knows how to change my name from Lya de Putti) x

  3. Ha! I always love your patter. I will say that the recipe sounded so good because I always have a tough time choosing between pumpkin and pecan pies-- though I didn't foresee that there would be an issue with a "cement" layer.

  4. That is exactly how my husband and I eat breakfast, too! Pumpkin isn't usually my first choice of pie, but I bet I would like it with that praline layer.

  5. Pumpkin pie is not a thing in Australia but this really made me want to eat one. I wonder what it would be like to put the praline (I never know who to say it either) on the top. xx